Advanced reporting for Twitter Ads

The ultimate analytics package for Twitter Ads


How does Dataddo work with Twitter Ads?

Automated data sync and collection

Dataddo supports automated data synchronization from your Twitter Ads accounts in defined time and period. Besides synchronization, data can be also incrementally stored upon each iteration.

Full API features without coding

Dataddo Twitter Ads connector allows you to extract more data from Twitter Ads than you can using the standard interface.

Twitter account consolidation

Data from one or multiple Twitter Ads accounts can be orchestrated into a data structure similar to traditional SQL joins via user-friendly interface with absolutely no need to do any coding.

Custom metrics

You can further transform your Twitter Ads data, such by performing data concatenations or custom metric definitions.

Plug-in Twitter Ads to your IT stack

Are you struggling with bringing Twitter Ads data to your data warehouse or Business Intelligence software? So easy with Dataddo! Thanks to our open architecture we can wire Twitter Ads data to almost any 3rd party software, data warehouse or database.

Long-term data collection

By using the ability to incrementally collect the data on daily basis from Twitter, you can gradually build-up your own long-term dataset based on Twitter Ads data.

Why companies are using Dataddo?

From the very beginning, we had a strong focus on delivering customer success. In Dataddo we greatly embrace feedback provided from our users and customers and are using this channel to further improve our product. Dataddo is already trusted by more than 2 000 users from more than 100 countries.

  • Dataddo saves companies many man-days of boring and laborious work thanks to automation. Using Dataddo companies can focus on their core business rather than operations.
  • Inbuilt flexibility to work with most of the existing cloud services and even with proprietary solutions.
  • Interoperability with other data visualization and business intelligence software.
  • A simple graphical user interface enables the platform to be operated even by non-tech users. No coding background is required.


SAT-7 is a Christian satellite television network broadcasting in Arabic, Persian and Turkish across 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, along with 50 countries in Europe. According to 2014 data, the overall audience of its channels is estimated to 15 million.

“Working with Dataddo has greatly simplified our reporting and given us access to trend data and insights that we were previously unable to generate. The team were helpful in accommodating our specific requirements to make this project a success and the pricing model was much more competitive that other offerings.”

Pay as you Grow

You can access all the features of the platform regardless the selected plan and your monthly fee is only based on a number of automated actions or API endpoints you consume. E.g., if you select LITE plan, you can use up to 3 automated actions or API endpoints. This is for instance well enough to connect to two different Google Analytics accounts and each day automatically collect the data, integrate data from both accounts, define an unlimited amount of dashboards and set a single API endpoint to access the integrated data.