Audience, Analytics and Ad Data Where You Need It, When You Need It.

Easily integrate Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, AdWords and others with Tableau, BigQuery, Data Studio and other data tools.


An Effective Way to Work with the Data for Media Companies

All of your content analytics & audience data in one place

Dataddo works seamlessly with Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube, various Ad Networks and publishing platforms. Thanks to our unique data storage and transformation technology, Dataddo can ingest data from virtually any online service.

Stop wasting time

Sick and tired of the "Login>Select>Filter>Download>Process in spreadsheet" routine? Dataddo automates your organization’s time-consuming routines, so your data analysts can focus on what matters most - providing data-driven insights for better monetization of your content.

Pluggable with your Existing Tools

Are you using data visualization and dashboarding tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, Klipfolio or QlikView? Or maybe you have a proprietary data visualization platform on top of Google Big Query, SQL database or perhaps some cloud-based storage system? Dataddo easily integrates with your existing software stack.

No coding required

We designed Dataddo so that it could be used by anyone from a non-technical marketing director to a full-stack engineer. Though the platform offers a plethora of high level data-manipulating capabilities, no coding is required to automate data processing routines.


We carefully follow latest security standards and best practices. Furthermore, we regularly conduct thorough security audits. When using Dataddo, your connection is always encrypted.

Business flexibility

Dataddo is used by many media companies, ranging from small online news portals to nationwide broadcasters. Dataddo's flexible architecture can even accommodate requirements for additional privacy and security through private deployments.

Seamless integration

Openness is our key driving concept at Dataddo. Our platform can easily work with data from almost any online or cloud service. Additionally, our platform can deliver the data to any of your existing tools or storages. Below is a list of services that we have already implemented, though we have created hundreds of custom implementations that include specific services to suit our customers’ needs. Are we missing a service that you’d like to pull data from? Contact us with details and we will look into adding it for your organization!

Why are media companies using Dataddo?

From the very beginning, we had a strong focus on delivering customer success. In Dataddo we greatly embrace feedback provided from our users and customers and are using this channel to further improve our product. Dataddo is already trusted by more than 2 000 users from more than 100 countries.

  • We save companies countless hours that would ordinarily be wasted on time-consuming and laborious work thanks to our automation tools. Using Dataddo, companies can focus on their core business rather than tedious operations.
  • We offer the flexibility to ingest data from essentially any cloud service and even your organization’s proprietary solutions.
  • Interoperability with other data visualization and business intelligence software.
  • Our simple graphical user interface allows the platform to be operated by non-technical users. No coding background is required.


SAT-7 is a satellite television network broadcasting in Arabic, Persian and Turkish across 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, along with 50 countries in Europe. According to 2014 data, the overall audience of its channels is estimated to 15 million.

“Working with Dataddo has greatly simplified our reporting and given us access to trend data and insights that we were previously unable to generate. The team were helpful in accommodating our specific requirements to make this project a success and the pricing model was much more competitive that other offerings.”