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If you don’t have time to code your own data connections (or a programmer to do it for you), you won’t like Integrate.
Try Dataddo for fast, simple, code-free integration.

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Worry-free Setup

Worry-free Setup

Depending on your Integrate use case, you might need knowledge of SQL just to get set up.

The Dataddo process is no-code from the start, so anyone can connect their data sources regardless of technical know-how.

If you run into any hiccups, our support team is just one email away.

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Connectors On Demand

Connectors On Demand

If you need a connector Integrate doesn’t already offer, you’ll need to create it yourself from scratch.

At Dataddo, our team of data experts will create any new connector you need on request within 5 days - for free.

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No Warehouse Necessary

No Warehouse Necessary

Unlike Integrate, Dataddo handles its own interim storage and doesn’t require you to connect a data warehouse (unless that’s where you’re sending your data).

Our platform works with your existing data stack and grows with your business for maximum scalability.

Dataddo vs.

Compare the most important points for yourself.


Under the hood

Amazon S3

Google Sheets

Centralized platform

No (plug-in)

Choose your own metrics

Time to add new connectors

10 days


Available connectors



24/7 Customer Support

Sign-up to data pipeline

5 minutes

5 minutes

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