Uber Eats streamlines data management with Dataddo

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Deploying Dataddo allowed Uber Eats to centralize data analytics operations, channelling all of their analytics data into a single dashboarding and reporting platform. The Dataddo platform automatically and seamlessly synchronizes data from multiple services including Facebook, Instagram, Brandwatch and Smartly, resulting in the elimination of manual data operations. This in turn saves the Uber Eats team many man-days of tedious work and optimization of their data workflow.

About Dataddo

Dataddo is a no-code data integration, automation and transformation platform designed to work with almost any API-based data service ranging from popular analytics apps, to ERPs and CRMs to advertising platforms. Dataddo can transform and wire data to a wide range of databases, DWHs, cloud storages, dashboarding and BI applications, allowing for smooth interoperability with existing data stacks. Dataddo delivers flexibility in an expanding and increasingly diverse data ecosystem.