Dataddo IoT Data Platform

Things that don't actually exist: Leprechauns, ghosts and data analysts who want to do a monkey job.


Data collection

Collect data from various smart meters & devices using MQTT, CoAP or HTTP protocols. Scaled up to tens of thousands concurrent interactions per second.

Data transformation & processing

Give meaning to collected data by integrating them with other data.


Any data set can be made accessible via REST API, therefore can be consumed by 3rd party service.

Data explorer

Integrated data explorer helps you to better understand your data at any point of the process. To simplify system operation as much as possible, various operations such as API endpoint, dashboard widgets or automated data delivery definition, can be performed directly within data explorer.

Data structures

One or multiple data sources can be orchestrated into a data structure similar to traditional SQL joins. Data structure allows further data transformations such as currency conversions, data concatenations or formula definitions.


Dataddo has integrated a dashboarding system that allows you to create easily-digestible business dashboards. However, if you prefer using your existing dashboarding tool, it can be easily wired with Dataddo via an API.