Dataddo Internet of Things analytics platform

  • Dataddo can collect smart meters & devices using MQTT, CoAP or HTTP protocols.
  • The data can be further combined, transformed or formatted within user-friendly interface.
  • Processed data can be then automatically injected to your existing databases, data warehouses, even to other data visualization software or simply delivered via easily-digestable dashboards.


Collect data from various smart meters & devices using MQTT, CoAP or HTTP protocols. Scaled up to tens of thousands concurrent interactions per second.

Data transformation & processing

Give meaning to collected data by integrating them with other data.

Data analytics &

Dataddo has a great functionality package designed for data analytics tasks. On any given dataset you can apply aggregation, sorting, advanced filtering or conduct complex statistical computations.

Data visualization & dashboarding

Sometimes you need to tell the story with data to executive-level colleagues or to your clients. With Dataddo you can create complex reports with variety of visualizations to get real business insights.