Dataddo Web and Social media data platform

Increase productivity of your on-line activities.

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Data extraction &

In-built varianty of connectors directly connects you to popular web services such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Insights or Twitter Analytics.

Data transformation & processing

With drag-n-drop UML interface, you can create interconnected data structures, transform or format the data.

Data analytics &

On any given dataset you can apply aggregation, sorting, advanced filtering or conduct complex statistical computations.

Data visualization & dashboarding

Dataddo allows you to create easily-digestible dashboards with variety of visualizations to get real business insights.

Why companies use Dataddo?

  • Many man-days of boring and labourios work saved thanks to automation. Using Dataddo companies can focus on their core-business rather that operations.
  • In-built business process flexibility.
  • Interoperability with other data visualization and business intelligence software.
  • Ability to perform complex data operations without any coding.
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Key features

  • Dataddo can automatically extract the data from many cloud services Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Facebook Ad Insights, Twitter Analytics or any REST API supporting JSON or XML.
  • The data can be further combined, transformed or formatted within user-friendly interface.
  • Processed data can be then automatically injected to your existing databases, data warehouses, even to other data visualization software or simply delivered via easily-digestable dashboards.
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