Our technology

Data extraction & collection

Services such as Google Analytics or Facebook Ads provide by default a lot of insights, but sometimes you need to go beyond the standard or perhaps obtaining the data on day-to-day basis is too time-consuming. In such cases you can usually utilize provided API, unfortunately that requires deploying custom software layer and its development either draw your internal resources or result in additional cost for hiring an external supplier. Dataddo, for the fraction of cost, provides out-of-the-box solution with the capability to fully exploit various APIs.

Key features

  • Fast & scalable data storage with the ability to accomodate any data.
  • Growing number of direct connectors to various APIs featuring user-friendly interface.
  • Integrated job scheduler allowing you to automate data extraction tasks.

Data transformation, integration & processing

Most companies have tons of data from various sources, usually scattered amongst many different storages and locations. Getting more insights in such environment requires connecting them and if you want to avoid regular data merging in some spreadsheet editor, you can either deploy a complex data-warehousing solution or try to develop a proprietary system most likely based on some SQL database, custom ETL processes or perhaps some reporting layer. Such solution either draw resources in the form of workload of your internal staff or result in additional cost for hiring an external supplier. Dataddo, for the fraction of cost, provides out-of-the-box data integration solution.

Key features

  • Drag & drop UML interface for creating SQL-like JOINs between data sources.
  • Data are in-memory merged together.
  • Computation engine allows creating formulas (similarly to Excel).

Data analytics & profiling

Dataddo is designed by data analytics professionals, therefore we put a great emphasis on features allowing to conduct data analytics tasks in simple and user-friendly manner, thus to save our users both time and money. Regadless the data you import to dataddo, you will always have a great package of functionality helping you getting more business insights.

Key features

  • Great package of in-built statistical functions for data profiling.
  • Advanced data filtering with support of regular expressions.
  • Support of data aggregation.

Data visualization & dashboarding

Sometimes you need to tell the story with data to executive-level colleagues or to your clients. With Dataddo you have wide selection of tools for data visualization such as charts, bar or tables.

  • Data visualization using charts, bars or tables.
  • In-build dashboarding system.
  • Ability to automatically export the data in various formats.
  • Automatic data delivery via email, to (S)FTP or directly to the database.