Say good-bye to repetitive and boring data-handling routines

Our clients are each month saving many man-days of boring and labourious work. Read more.

Automate data extraction, integration, transformation, analytics and visualization. Our product.

Web & Social media analytics

Whether you are a marketing agency, run an ecommerce site, or any company who does business online, you will embrace our market-proven platform and it’s ability to help organizations like yours automate data-handling routines from data extraction to transformation and final delivery in the form of dashboards or machine-readable formats.

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Internet of Things analytics

With extensive experience manipulating large datasets, we have expanded our platform towards the exciting world of Internet of Things. Dataddo IoT platform enables you to collect, analyze and visualize data from various smart devices, meters and sensors using protocols such as MQTT, CoAP or HTTP all with one powerful tool.

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Why Dataddo?

Data routines automation

With Dataddo, you can easily automate data extraction, transformation and delivery to yourself or to your clients, thus eliminating repetetive and boring tasks for analysts.

No programming skills required

Exploit the power of various APIs or define complex data transformation procedures with our friendly-GUI without the need for single line of code.


We adhere to top industry security standards when it comes to protecting your data. We never import data without your permission.

Blazing fast

Cutting edge database technologies, unique know-how and global HW infrastructure are the core elements of Dataddo, giving you the power to process your data at unprecedented speeds.