Data Handling Simplified.

Streamline your data handling routines with our universal data pipeline and save numerous man-days each month.

Media Houses

Easily consolidate analytics, advertising and audience data across all of your online content channels.

Marketing Agencies

Automate time-consuming routines when working with analytics, social media and advertising data.


Integrate all online data sources with your enterprise IT environment.


Dataddo transforms the way you work with data

Bring in any Data

Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, CRMs, Ad Networks ... Thanks to unique data storage and transformation technology, Dataddo can connect to almost any cloud service.

Data Routine Automation

With Dataddo, you can easily automate data extraction, transformation and delivery to yourself or to your clients, eliminating repetetive and boring tasks for analysts.

Works with your Existing IT Stack

Thanks to REST API, Direct DB Push or Automatic Data Delivery to storage servers, Dataddo easily interoperates with your existing IT infrastructure, Business Intelligence or Data Visualization Tools.

What Do Our Clients Say about us?

“Working with Dataddo has greatly simplified our reporting and given us access to trend data and insights that we were previously unable to generate.”

Andrew Hart, SAT-7’s Chief Operations Officer

An Effective Way to Work with the Data from Popular On-line Services

No coding required

We built Dataddo for non-technical users. Though the platform offers great capabilities in data manipulation and transformation, no coding is required to operate it.


We carefully follow the latest security standards and best practices. Furthermore, we regularly conduct thorough security audits. When using Dataddo, your connection is always encrypted.

Business flexibility

Dataddo is used by more than 2,000 users ranging from small SMEs to large multinationals. Our flexible architecture can even accommodate requirements for more restrictive privacy and security through private deployments.

Universal Data connectors

Popular services such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are supported via native connectors with a dedicated graphic user interface. Other services can be accessed using our generic JSON and XML API connectors.

Automated data sync and collection

Data connectors can be configured and scheduled to synchronize data with specific parameters at defined time intervals. After synchronization, your data can also be incrementally stored upon each iteration.


Data sets from platforms that we don’t specifically support out of the box can be made accessible via REST API, eliminating restrictions on what type of data you can process.

Seamless integration

Openness is our key driving concept at Dataddo. Our platform can easily work with data from almost any online or cloud service. Additionally, our platform can deliver the data to any of your existing tools or storages. Below is a list of services that we have already implemented, though we have created hundreds of custom implementations that include specific services to suit our customers’ needs. Are we missing a service that you’d like to pull data from? Contact us with details and we will look into adding it for your organization!