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Gartner Cool Vendor 2019

Dataddo named a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Management

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Zero maintenance

Dataddo automatically takes care of all API interfaces, so you no longer have to worry that API changes break down your dashboards.

Unbeatable time-to-delivery

Scared that the data integration projects take many months? With Dataddo, you can deploy your data pipelines within a few minutes.

No coding required

Dataddo is built to be operated by non-tech users. Thought the platform offers great capabilities in data manipulation and transformation, no coding is required to operate it.

Centralized management

Regardless of the systems, you are using, and the data you are working with, Dataddo provides centralized management and monitoring of all your data pipelines, eliminating undocumented flows and hidden dependencies.

Works well with your existing data stack

Dataddo easily interoperates with your existing Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence or Dashboarding Tools.

Scalable & Future-proof

Do you plan to start with a simple dashboard, but already envisioned a robust data-warehousing in mind? Dataddo supports all the technologies and architectures.

Step 1

Connect Your Data

Dataddo can efficiently work with data from almost any online or cloud service. Below is a list of services with off-the-shelf no-code connectors, though we have created hundreds of custom implementations, including legacy and proprietary systems.

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Step 2

Create your data flow

When your data is ready, you can send everything into your favorite reporting platform or data warehouse.

Step 3

Choose the destination

Dataddo supports delivery to wide range cloud data storages such as Google Big Query or AWS Redshift, on-prem data warehouses including MariaDB, PostgreSQL or SQL Server, as well as file servers including Amazon S3 or Google Sheets.

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No-code integration platform able to work with any on-line data and easily pluggable with your existing data stack. With Dataddo you can easily sync, store, and access your data from over 80 data sources.

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