Dataddo vs. Fivetran

Fivetran has proven to be an excellent tool for data replication and migration. However, Fivetran uses a complicated pricing structure and doesn't deliver on ease of use, flexibility, or affordability.

If you want an intuitive and affordable data management tool that can quickly integrate with your existing data stack, you'll want to consider Dataddo.

Dataddo vs. Fivetran

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Based on No. of data flows Info

A data flow is the connection between a source and a destination. For example, a connection between Facebook Ads and Looker Studio would count as one flow.

No. of data rows
Free plan
Integration Types
Dashboards as destinations
Data warehouses as destinations
Apps as destinations (reverse ETL)
Data warehouse required? No Info

Though Dataddo can connect to any data warehouse, is also allows users to store data in its embedded SmartCache.

Time to add new connectors Avg. 10 days Must be coded by users
Platform does transformations? Yes Info

Dataddo automatically cleanses and harmonizes data before sending it to a destination. This makes it immediately analyzable in dashboards, and easier for engineers to manipulate in data warehouses.

End-to-end encryption
24/7 customer support

If you need a connector that Fivetran doesn't already offer, you'll need to code it yourself—something that a lot of businesses simply don’t have the time or technical expertise to do.

If you're a one of Dataddo’s paid clients and need a connector that isn't already in our portfolio, we'll build it for you in around 2 weeks, completely free of charge. All you have to do is ask.

Data Warehouse. Necessary or Not?

Fivetran needs you to have a potentially expensive data warehouse in order to work, this can be an issue for teams with less established data infrastructure.

Dataddo lets you keep your infrastructure simple by allowing you to extract data straight to your dashboarding app, so you can start using it immediately. Its embedded SmartCache storage also lets you store data from periods past, without the warehouse.


Fivetran’s pricing is row-based, so your monthly bill will fluctuate depending on how much data you’ve extracted.

Dataddo’s pricing is based on number of data flows. What is a data flow? In short, the connection between a source and a destination, e.g., Facebook Ads to BigQuery, would count as one flow. This means you’ll always know how much you’re paying per month, and you can easily scale up or down.

We even offer a free plan for teams looking to send their data a limited amount of data to dashboarding apps or Google Sheets.


Pay as You Grow

Billed monthly
Billed annually 30% OFF
Data Flow

What is a data flow?

A data flow is the connection between a data source or sources and a destination. For example, if you send data from Facebook Ads (source) to Looker Studio (destination), this will count as one flow.

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