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How Boldr Optimized 177 Pipelines for Reliable Internal Reporting

About Company Boldr is a global talent outsourcing and offshore consulting company that connects businesses with digital professionals.
Location Long Beach, California
Industry Outsourcing and Offshore Consulting
Employees 500-1000
Connected Services

Main Challenge

Boldr, a global outsourcing and offshore consulting company, was spending too much time maintaining integrations to power internal reporting on the performance of its talent network. It needed a fully managed SaaS solution to offload this maintenance and improve data accuracy.

Key Outcomes

80% less pipeline maintenance.
5+ man-days saved monthly thanks to low error rate.
1 central repository for all company data: AWS RDS (PostgreSQL).
High data accuracy for more reliable reporting.


Dataddo’s well-configured connectors, user-friendly interface, and rapid support ensured ultra quick deployment.
Pipeline analytics and comprehensive overview of connected services make data governance easy.
Universal JSON connector enables syncing of custom datasets.


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Boldr is a global talent outsourcing and offshore consulting company that connects businesses with digital professionals. The company provides talent for one-off projects, hiring assistance, and even fully managed, outsourced teams, then reinvests a portion of profits in the communities where the professionals live. This keeps motivation and retention high, which, in turn, keeps clients like Urbanstems happy.

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The Challenge: Internal Reporting Too Labor-Intensive

Boldr tracks the performance of the teams in their network via KPIs like average handle time (AHT), first response time (FRT), resolution time, and customer satisfaction (CSAT). To do this, they were using an in-house ETL solution to sync data from their clients’ CRM tools to Google Sheets, as well as back and forth between Google Sheets and their database, AWS RDS for PostgreSQL.

But, as their client base and number of integrations grew, they began to struggle with maintenance. Every week, they would spend around 14 hours checking 177 integrations and resolving errors.

Sensibly, they started looking for a managed ETL tool. They first tried Hevo, which is a complex data integration platform that’s great for certain use cases, but Hevo stopped supporting some of the integrations that Boldr’s insights team relies on.

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The Solution: Seamless Connectors, User-Friendly UI, Robust Notifications

Next, Boldr tried Dataddo, which immediately stood out for its simplicity and effectiveness. Thanks to straightforward connector configurations and a user-friendly interface, deployment of the platform took significantly less time than deployment of the other solutions Boldr had tried, which helped the data team meet its migration deadline.

Moreover, Dataddo’s detailed notification system and proactive support virtually eliminated maintenance of Boldr’s Google Sheets.

Dataddo’s Solutions Team also helped Boldr sync custom HubSpot datasets to AWS RDS using the universal JSON connector.

Additionally, Boldr is using Dataddo to connect Google BigQuery, MySQL, and Jira with Sheets.

The Outcomes: Improved Data Accuracy, Minimal Pipeline Maintenance

Boldr can now trust the internal reports it uses to monitor the performance of its network of teams because the pipeline error rate is close to zero and data accuracy is consistently high.

“As a result of Dataddo’s notifications and analytics on flow failures, we now spend just a couple hours a week maintaining 177 pipelines, where we used to spend nearly 14.”


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