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How Ogilvy Spain Streamlines Social Media Data with Dataddo

About Company Ogilvy is an advertising, marketing, and public relations agency.
Location Madrid & Barcelona, Spain
Industry Advertising/Marketing
Employees 30
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Main Challenge

Ogilvy Spain was spending too much time manually collecting data from a large number of client accounts on multiple social media platforms and integrating it in reports for the clients. What they needed was a way to automatically centralize all this data in MySQL, where it could be easily accessed by Ogilvy’s data team for reporting purposes.

Key Outcomes

1 source of truth to inform all decisions, i.e. MySQL.
5-9 hours of work saved weekly by automating data integrations, freeing up more time for deriving profitable insights.
Full scalability of integrations. Their data team can easily build new integrations and cancel existing ones as clients come and go.


Dataddo automatically extracts data from all client accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms and syncs it daily to MySQL for processing and storage.


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Ogilvy has been creating ad campaigns for giants like Burger King, Samsung, Adidas, Dove, and many others for decades. In keeping with its reputation to stay on the leading edge of culture, Ogilvy has evolved with the times to include social media and digital marketing strategies both for their clients and for themselves. But, as any marketer is well-aware, each new social media platform brings with it an abundance of data.

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The Problem: Scattered Socials

Ogilvy Spain was manually collecting data every day from a variety of client accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. They were in need of a way to aggregate and automate this data extraction and deliver it to MySQL, giving them the ability to create reports and dashboards, and providing their clients with a comprehensive overview of their social media activities.

However, Ogilvy had a list of requirements for their data architecture, including but not limited to: flexibility and scalability, automation, interoperability with online data sources, and the ability to share raw data. Any new piece added to their infrastructure needed to meet these criteria in order to satisfy their data management requirements.

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The Solution: Automatic Integration to MySQL

Through Dataddo, Ogilvy Spain was able to centralize their social media data analytics operations and channel all of their data into a single database: MySQL.

With automatic and seamless data synchronizations from multiple accounts across multiple platforms, Dataddo eliminated the tedious task of manually extracting data from each individual account. This saved 5-9 man-hours of work daily for the Ogilvy Spain team and optimized their data workflow so their analysts could spend more time working with the data itself.

We had a big need to centralize our data into one place and Dataddo gave us the opportunity to provide better reports in a fast and reliable way.” - Cayetano Sanchez, Data & Business Intelligence Analyst, Ogilvy

The Outcome: Easy, Flexible, Scalable Data Integrations

With everything accessible directly in their MySQL cloud, the entire Ogilvy team can quickly access the information and data they need, letting them efficiently provide reports and campaign results for their clients. As their social presence changes and develops, they can easily add new sources to their Dataddo account without affecting the existing data channels, ultimately giving Ogilvy the flexibility, scalability, automation, and reliability they were seeking.


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