Dataddo vs. Fivetran

Fivetran has proven itself to be an excellent tool for data warehouse replication and migration.
However, despite its complex pricing structure, Fivetran doesn't deliver on ease, flexibility, or affordability.

If you want a robust data management tool that easily works,
with your existing data stack, you need Dataddo.

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Any Data Source, Anytime

Any Data Source, Anytime

If you need a connector that Fivetran doesn’t already offer, you need to do the coding for it yourself. Dataddo will create any new connector on request, for free, within 10 business days.

Dataddo’s team of data experts is there to support you 24/7. Whether you need advice selecting your metrics or help creating your full data infrastructure, our data architects are prepared to work with you to reach your goals.

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No Data Warehouse Needed (unless you're into that)

No Data Warehouse Needed (unless you're into that)

Whereas Fivetran requires a connection to a third party data warehouse, Dataddo uses its own interim storage so you can avoid the headache of extra applications.

We keep your connection to the platform encrypted for maximum security and peace of mind. And of course: GDPR and SOC2 compliant.

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Affordable and Transparent

Affordable and Transparent

Forget about complex, ever-changing pricing structures that depend on your data rows in millions - Dataddo’s pricing is built on the number of sources you use per month, and starting at $35 per source, it’s one of the most affordable tools available.

As you add data sources, your Dataddo account will always keep you updated on costs for total pricing transparency, so it’s never a surprise.

Dataddo vs. Fivetran

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No 3rd party warehouse required Info

Fivetran requires you to connect a data warehouse to your account in order to work with your data; Dataddo uses its own storage.

Pricing structure

Per data source

Per number of rows

Adding new connectors Info

Method for requesting a data connector not already provided by the platform.

On request, within 10 days

Must be coded by user

Data transformation platform Info

Fivetran is an ELT: Extract, Load, Transform model whereas Dataddo is ETL. Fivetran does not have transformation functionality, but you can perform any necessary data transformations in Dataddo before your data reaches its destination

End-to-end encryption

24/7 Customer Support

Join companies using Dataddo to centralize their data

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