Consulting Program

Save time managing pipelines and bring all the benefits of automated data integration to your clients.

Who Is Our Consulting Program For?

Companies that help their clients in the areas of data strategy, data management, data analytics, and business intelligence. The program is likely to be a good fit for you if:

- You want a streamlined solution for connecting all your clients’ data to a warehouse, BI tool, or operational application.
- You want to expand the range of data tools your company works with.
- You want access to the pool of Dataddo customers who are looking for consulting services.

Consulting Partner Spotlight

Read our case study on i-spark, a data consulting agency from the Netherlands that’s a great example of a Dataddo consulting partner.

Your Clients Will Love Us

Whether they'll be using your connector for ETL, ELT, database replication, reverse ETL, or end-to-end integration of online services with dashboards, rest assured—they’ll be in good hands. If you need proof, read our reviews at G2 or take a look at our case studies


Why Become a Consulting Partner?

Benefits for you

Easy management of your clients' data
Premium Dataddo support
Exclusive workshops
Referral fee
Co-marketing activities

Benefits for your clients

Connectivity of any data source to any data destination
Complete flexibility of data architecture
Custom connectors developed within weeks
Saves time and money
Zero maintenance

How to Start

Fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you. They’ll explain the connector-building process and discuss how best to collaborate. Then, our development team will evaluate your partnership application and draw up a full cooperation plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

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