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Saying too often
"We cannot connect this data to the dashboard" ?

Your clients are not using only standardized and widely-used systems, but custom developed platforms and systems from niche vendors as well. Thanks to Dataddo's unique technology, we can easily integrate all your client's stack.

How Dataddo works

Regardles of the systems, you are using, and the data you are working with, Dataddo provides
centralized management and monitoring of all your data pipelines, eliminating undocumented
flows and hidden dependencies.

Connect your data source

You can automatically syncs all your data into tables inside Dataddo where you can further transform it for other actions.

Combine it with other sources

Dataddo provides centralized management and monitoring of all your data pipelines. You can easily combine data from many different sources.

Send it to dashboards

When your data is ready, you can send everything into your favorite reporting platform or a marketing data warehouse.

Zero maintenance

Zero maintenance

Our platform automates your organization's time-consuming routines, so your data analysts can focus on what matters most - providing data-driven insights for better monetization of your content.

We build Dataddo for non-technical users. Though the platform offers great capabilities in data manipulation and transformation, no coding is required to operate it.

Quick connection deployment

Thanks to our unique data storage and transformation technology, Dataddo works with data from any online service. We provide unprecedented flexibility when it comes to connecting to various systems. Currently, connection to more than 250 different systems are available.

Are we missing a service that you’d like to pull data from? Contact us with details and we will look into adding it for your organization!

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We carefully follow the latest security standards and best practices and conduct thorough security audits. When using Dataddo, your connection is always encrypted. All parts of the infrastructure that are responsible for either storing or processing data are completely isolated on the network layer from internet and are only accessible from the internal network.

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Single point of management

Thanks to our unique data storage and transformation technology, Dataddo can connect to any online service. Data connectors can be configured and scheduled to synchronize data with specific parameters at defined time intervals.

Dataddo automatically takes care of all API interfaces, so you no longer have to worry that API changes break down your dashboards.

Single point of management


Dataddo easily interoperates with your existing data warehouse, business intelligence or dashboarding tools.

Our platform works with many BI solutions like Tableau or PowerBI, dashboardings apps like Google Data Studio or Klipfolio and many data storages including Google BigQuery or AWS Redshift.

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No-code integration platform able to work with any on-line data and easily pluggable with your existing data stack. With Dataddo you can easily sync, store, and access your data from over 80 data sources.

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