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You were on a roll...until having to manually plug your data from that new system stopped you in your tracks. That's why we created Dataddo: one control panel to integrate with all of your incoming data, from every possible source, so nothing can stop you from doing what you do best.

How Does it Work?

Your ETL should be as simple as one, two, three - so we designed Dataddo
to eliminate all potential roadblocks on the path to analyzing your data.


Bridge any and all of your data sources into the Dataddo platform, setting the platform to automatically sync at your preferred time intervals.


Thanks to our central management interface, you can consolidate your data to keep track of everything right from your command center.


After transformation, choose to export everything to one reporting/storage platform, or create multiple pipelines for different destinations.

Control panel

Managed from one single point

Dataddo connects to all of your necessary data services thanks to our unique data transformation technology. Instead of scrambling to retrieve different data sets, you only need to work with your Dataddo command center to gather every piece of information.

Flexible, for your convenience

We’re here to operate with your software, not the other way around. If you require a connector that you don’t see already provided in our software, simply contact support and we will readily implement it for you.

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Zero maintenance

Not only is Dataddo a no-code platform for non-technical users, but we’ve designed it to automatically sync incoming data from your source connectors at time intervals of your choice - no need to manually refresh. Plus, our team monitors and updates all APIs, so you can forget about API changes affecting your dashboards.

Incomparably fast

Intimidated by the thought of a months-long data integration process? So are we. Luckily, Dataddo users can create data pipelines from source to storage within minutes of opening an account.

Single point of management

Secure. Period

Your connection with the Dataddo platform is encrypted, and your stored data is isolated from the main network so you can be sure of maximum privacy. We are always conducting security audits and staying up-to-date with the latest protocols.

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As your organization grows, Dataddo adapts. Even when starting small, you don’t have to worry that changing your software affects your data history. Dataddo is scalable to every degree.

Single point of management
Stop sorting. Start working

A straightforward, no-code data integration platform that works for you.
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