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$20 per data source
$35 per data source
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Syncing frequency
Every 5 minutes
Available user accounts
Type of support
Chat and email support,
24 hour response time
Guaranteed SLA
Guaranteed SLA
+ account manager
Onboarding process
Dedicated integration architect
Available connections
Standard connections
$35 per Premium connection
Standard and Premium included
Standard and Premium included
Data Blending
FREE Initial Historic Data Load
Priority in Connector Roadmap
Multi-account Extraction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data source?

A data source is any 3rd party data service (eg. Facebook Ads, Google Analytics) which you connect with Dataddo in order to retrieve data. Though most sources only require one data connection per each page or account, there are some services which will need multiple connections in order for Dataddo to access all relevant data.

What makes a source "premium"?

In general, Premium Sources are considered to be all non-marketing sources. For example, Salesforce, Hubspot, Xero, and Stripe are all considered Premium under Dataddo.

When is the number of billable sources determined?

The total number of billable sources is determined on the first day of each billing period. If your billing period begins on the 1st of each month, the actual number of sources is calculated on that date.

What is multi-account extraction?

Multi-account extraction refers to bridging multiple accounts from the same source into Dataddo. For example, if you have one Facebook account with admin privileges on 25 pages, multi-account extraction allows Dataddo to collect data from all 25 pages without the need to connect them individually.

What is multiplexing?

Multiplexing is a feature in which Dataddo adapts to extract large data sets in spite of API limitations. For example, if Google Analytics API only allows 10,000 rows per query but your needs call for 14,000 rows, Dataddo automatically configures 2 separate calls in order to extract all of the necessary data.

Check out our documentation for more information on pricing