A solution for advanced Facebook reporting

Full power of Graph API without single line of code.

If you work frequently with data from Facebook, you might find the information provided by standard Facebook Insights insufficient. Of course there are several social analytics tools, but they are usually terribly overpriced and offer pre-fabricated reports with self-constructed metrics having questionable meaning. Beside Insights, Facebook provides robust Graph API allowing you to extract complex data, but exploiting its full potential requires a certain level of knowledge in programing as well as in database technologies, therefore building your custom reporting solution consumes considerable amount of man-hours in development.

Fortunatelly, Dataddo Facebook connector provides a solution allowing you to fully leverage capabilities of Graph API without the need of employing developers. You can simply define metrics you want to collect and the system will do the job for you.

Get more data from Facebook

  • Leverage Facebook Graph API without the need for coding.
  • Consolidate the data from multiple pages.

Dataddo Facebook connector allows you to leverage the full power Graph API and extract more data from Facebook.

Connect Facebook to your business data

  • Utilize simple drag-n-drop interface.
  • No SQL knowledge required.

It has never been easier to mash Facebook data together with other datasets such as cost and revenues in the form CSV file, product sheets in XMLs or web traffic data from Google Analytics. Using simple drag-n-drop interface, you can define complex data structures with just few clicks.

Automate routines

  • Programmatically download data from Facebook in defined period.
  • Auto-sync Facebook data in existing reports.

In order to simplify your daily routines, Dataddo can access your Facebook account in defined period and collect the requested set of data.

Tell a story with the data

  • Visualize the data using bars, charts or tables.
  • Accessible via mobile devices.

Besides great data extraction and integration capabilities, Dataddo has a powerful data visualization package, allowing you to display data in bars, charts or aggregation tables. With such functionality you can easily define advanced reports based on Facebook data. Moreover, Dataddo allows you to access the report via your mobile device, therefore you can have all vital information available in your pocket.

What else?


We are using all industry strandards to protect your data. No data will be imported without your authorization.

No coding required

No need for any programming or database design skills to get maximum insights from your data.

Report designer

Multiple data visualizations can be clustered together into complex reports.

Insights in you pocket

Mobile-optimized reports make all the insights available in your pocket.