A solution for advanced Google Analytics reporting

Supercharge your Google Analytics

Whether you are a digital agency, freelance data analyst or a developer, you surely sometimes find pre-fabricated Google Analytics reports not 100% fitting your purpose. Sometimes you need to go beyond the data provided by standard interface and do things like consolidating the data from multiple Google Analytics accounts, joining Google Analytics with external data or programmatically download certain set of data. With Dataddo you easily sort out all these issues plus there are tons of features that increase your productivity and help you to get more business insights.

Automate data-handling routines

  • Dataddo can automatically extract and collect data from Google Analytics in daily, weekly or monthly periods.
  • Data are automatically processed and transformed.
  • Processed data can be automatically inserted to your existing database, pushed to FTP server, delivered via email or even handed-over to other visualization software.

Spending days and nights with exporting Google Analytics data to spreadsheet editor and trying to make any good use of it? With Dataddo, you can automate all such routines from data extraction through processing to final data delivery.

Connect Google Analytics to your business data

  • Utilize simple drag-n-drop interface.
  • No SQL knowledge required.

If you want to mash your Google Analytics data together with other datasets such as cost and revenues in the form CSV file, product sheets in XMLs or even social campaign data from Facebook, Dataddo provides a simple drag-n-drop interface, allowing you to easily do such tasks.

Get more data from Google Analytics

  • Exploit Google Analytics API without the need for coding.
  • Consolidate the data from multiple accounts.

Dataddo Google Analytics connector allows you to extract more data from Google Analytics than the standard interface. You can define up to 10 metrics and 10 dimensions or employ multiple advanced filters. Furthermore, you can even consolidate the data from multiple Google Analytics accounts together.

Tell a story with the data

  • Visualize the data using bars, charts or tables.
  • Accessible via mobile devices.

Besides great data extraction and integration capabilities, Dataddo has a powerful data visualization package, allowing you to display data in bars, charts or aggregation tables. With such functionality you can easily define advanced reports using Google Analytics. Moreover, Dataddo allows you to access the report via your mobile device, therefore you can have all vital information available in your pocket.

What else?

Full API features

With Dataddo you can fully exploit the power of Google Analytics API and overcome the limits that may occur when using standard reports. For each report, up to 5 metrics and up to 5 dimensions can be defined.

No coding required

No need for any programming or database design skills to get maximum insights from your data.

Report designer

Multiple data visualizations can be clustered together into complex reports.

Insights in you pocket

Mobile-optimized reports make all the insights available in your pocket.