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How Does it Work?

Your ETL should be as simple as one, two, three - so we designed Dataddo
to eliminate all potential roadblocks on the path to analyzing your data.


Bridge any and all of your data sources into the Dataddo platform, setting the platform to automatically sync at your preferred time intervals.


Thanks to our central management interface, you can consolidate your data to keep track of everything right from your command center.


After transformation, choose to export everything to one reporting/storage platform, or create multiple pipelines for different destinations.

About Yugabyte

Open source, cloud native relational database for powering global, internet-scale apps.

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Data into Yugabyte

The simplest and fastest way of getting your data to Yugabyte.

Easily configure the output of your data to Yugabyte as well as other data storages without writing a single line of code. Data supports outputs to as many destinations as you might need at no extra cost on our Pro Plan.

  • Dashboarding Tools
  • Storages and databases
  • Multiple destinations at no extra cost
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